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Hello. I hope that you are all doing well and have enjoyed our second series so far. We have some important news regarding the Optic Sevens 2.0 subscription. 


The Vaselines and Revolving Paint Dream are shipping out to you now, however, there is a fault with The Vaselines sleeve ( They didn't get the hole in the centre). So that we don't hold things up any longer we are still sending them out and will replace the sleeves once they have been reprinted. Those that ordered 1 shipment of 12 will not be affected by this.


For anybody that chose the shipping option of 2 lots of 6. The first batch is being sent now, so the same applies with The Vaselines sleeve


Next week, we will be shipping The Loft and Metro Trinity. For those that wanted 3 shipments of 4. You will be sent Revolving Paint Dream, The Vaselines , The Loft & Metro Trinity next week. The same problem with The Vaselines sleeve still applies to these orders.


There is a delay with The Wedding Present single. Due to quality issues we have had to get the Test Pressings done 3 times and we estimate that this will now be shipped with The Wee Cherubs at the end of April.


The James Dean Driving Experience will now be sent with Meat Whiplash at the beginning of April.


With regards to COVID-19. We are currently unable to send items to certain parts of Italy. There are are no other restrictions on sending mail to anywhere else, however, you may experience delays in certain countries.


I think that covers everything

I do apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope that it won't spoil your enjoyment of the records.


Be lucky



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