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Even As We Speak Cancel Tour



Dear loyal Feral Pop followers,

By now you may have seen the news that Cologne Popfest has had to postpone the event until later in the year due to the unfolding situation around the COVID-19 pandemic. This has hit the music industry hard around the world and we’ve seen tour cancellations running across every country.

We fully support the decision by Christoph and Susanne at Cologne Popfest and we know how hard they have worked to try to keep the event running despite the crazy situation. Because the festival involves a lot of international bands and the real possibility of a venue ban in the next couple of weeks there was really no other option for them. But chins up because they are working on remounting the festival with the same line up later in the year. Please support them and all other promoters who are working in a very difficult and risky environment. It’s important to keep the live music industry going in this tough time and everyone needs to support each other.

Given that Cologne was the main show for our tour, then we have made the difficult decision to postpone the rest of our tour in the UK as well. As things are unfolding there seemed to be no choice. We may find in the next 2 weeks that further restrictions force venues to close, taking out our other shows along with them. It is impossible to predict what will happen next with any certainty. Added to that is the risk that we may become stranded overseas due to any further travel restrictions and/or be forced into a lengthy quarantine when we get back home. None of that looks good. It’s not been an easy decision to make because of the complexity and uncertainty of the situation, not to mention because we’ve been super excited to get back on tour.

We will work with the promoters from here so that when the situation clears we can put in place new shows alongside a rescheduled Popfest and come later in the year. Cologne Popfest have issued advice to ticket holders which includes holding tickets for a rescheduled festival. That’s a great option to take up if you want to express your support. We can bring you info asap on arrangements for the other shows as soon as we have them ourselves.

In the meantime please get on our new single ‘Forgiving’ and the forthcoming album ‘Adelphi’ scheduled for release in June on Shelflife Records. We worked really hard on the album over 2 years and we think it’s a cracker. We are so sorry that the situation now prevents us from playing in the next 2 weeks and hope you understand that for all of us there is only so much we can control.

With love,

Even As We Speak

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