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Various - Saddle Creek 50 LP Sealed

Various - Saddle Creek 50 LP Sealed


Various Artists - Saddle Creek 50

The 50th Saddle Creek release features tracks from all of the artists that were recording for the label a the time.

It's still sealed, so I presume Mint. The sleeve has some creasing. I put it at VG


Side 1

  1. The Faint – "Take Me to the Hospital"
  2. Now It's Overhead – "Dark Cycle"
  3. Rilo Kiley – "Jenny, You’re Barely Alive"
  4. Cursive – "Nonsense"
  5. Son, Ambulance – "The Moral of Rosa, Parolee"

Side 2

  1. Desaparecidos – "Popn' Off at the F"
  2. The Good Life – "Aftercrash"
  3. Azure Ray – "Beautiful Things Can Come From the Dark"
  4. Sorry About Dresden – "People Have Parties"
  5. Mayday – "Pond Love"
  6. Bright Eyes – "One Foot In Front of the Other"

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