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Jane & Barton - Jane & Barton CD

Jane & Barton - Jane & Barton CD


This is the CD only that accompanied our 10" release. This is a proper CD not a CDR and comes in slipcase

Originally released in 1983 this album is probably best known for the inclusion of the track “It’s A Fine Day” A poem written by Edward Barton that was originally sung unaccompanied by, and credited to, Jane - that is, Jane Lancaster. Recorded and released independently, it was played by,amongst others, radio 1 DJ John Peel.  and heard by Iain McNay of Cherry Red Records, who released it in 1983. Reaching number 4 on the UK Indie Chart, becoming the highest ever chart placing of an unaccompanied poem in U.K. history. later appearing credited to Jane and Barton, on this, their eponymous mini-album. It has been covered and sampled many times since. Becoming major Worldwide dance hits for both OPUS 3 and Miss Jane(ATB) (No relation)

The album itself is almost impossible to categorize. Written by Edward Barton all tracks (bar one) feature Jane’s hauntingly beautiful voice singing accapella or with minimal accompaniment Musicians incude Martin Moscrop and Andrew Connell of A Certain Ratio.


There Is A Man
It’s A Fine Day
You Are Over There
Of All
I Want To Be With You
You Are Over There
Ha Bloody Ha
Leaves were Falling

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