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Pooh Sticks - Straight Up: Noise Pollution C88-90  LP

Pooh Sticks - Straight Up: Noise Pollution C88-90 LP



Release Date: July 28 2023

New Band compiled LP of the Pooh Sticks Hits and Misses. Pressed on Blue vinyl and Presented in gatefold sleeve. Includes poster.

Here is what Trudi says


‘Mellifluous’… is a word you won’t hear much when conversation turns to early Pooh Sticks records. But ‘noise pollution’, sure: that comes up. I’ve even used it myself. So look away now if you must: ‘Straight Up: Noise Pollution C88-90’ is a selection of some of the most loved/despised/ignored tracks released by The Pooh Sticks on however many records it was before it all went wilfully ‘American’ sometime around dotted-line’ing for BMG mega-corp in 1991.

 The record has highlights and lowlights. You and me, we’d probably agree on most of them. We chose a reasonable cross-section, I think (although there could’ve been more tambourine), including:

- “On Tape” - zeitgeist-nailin’ strum and strangle

- “I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well” - long title

- “Teenage High” - breathy sweetness sneaked onto the depraved Sympathy For The Record Industry label

- “Dying For It” - the Vaselines cover which beat Nirvana by a full two years (though theirs sold better)

 … and more! It’s like Christmas (no, blocking up the chimney won’t help: we’ve cut spare keys). And all of this in a nice gatefold sleeve, and on Steve McQueen’s-eyes blue vinyl. And there’s even a repro poster for the March ’89 Pastels/Pooh Sticks/Vaselines gig up London way (“I swear I was there”, people say).

 On behalf of the group, I hope you enjoy it. No, really. It was all a long time ago but I remember we had fun. Maybe you were even there having fun with us.

Trudi xx



Side 1

  1. On Tape
  2. Time To Time
  3. Heroes And Villains
  4. Just Another Minute
  5. Teenage High
  6. 123 Red Light
  7. When The Night Falls

Side 2

  1. Dying For It
  2. I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well
  3. Sex Head
  4. Foxy Boy
  5. Dare True Kiss Promise
  6. Do It Again (A Little Bit Slower)
  7. Indiepop Aint Noise Pollution

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