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Review Of The Tempest 5 Against The House from Whisperinandhollerin

Review: 'TEMPEST, THE' '5 Against The House'    -  Label: 'Optic Nerve' -  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '8th July 2016' Our Rating: I guess you could say serendipity led me to review this album in that I previously bought a CD by a band called Venus Fly Trap on spec in a record shop in Northampton. I have put a few twos together now and realised that the man in the record shop was in Venus Fly Trap and also The Tempest and I think he was the singer in both bands. If this is wrong then math never...

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Back online

Welcome back to our website, which has been out of action for a bit. No doubt there will be some teething problems at first, hopefully not too many, but let us know if you experience any difficulties with the website at  info@opticnerverecordings.com Out 3rd June is 5 Against The House by The Tempest. Available to pre-order now. Also available for Pre-Order are three releases set for September. Medium Medium,  Folk Devils and Jane And Barton

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